Nuts and screws

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Knud Jacobsen Jensen
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Nuts and screws

Postby Knud Jacobsen Jensen » Fri Sep 30, 2016 12:06 pm

I quite like the Nyloc nuts. and each of them were easy to mount.

The plain hex nuts however there were a few places where 3 hands would have helped, especially the ones where you mount the top leg plate to the body. Its not so much the nuts themselves, just the access to them while mounting them. I dont really have any good suggestion to an easy design change here, sorry.

And the battery cage i was a bit sad that i had to use the servo screws, since they are not meant for taking off again. a set of screws with nuts here would have been great. maybe by making bracket to hold in the battery cage. the bottem part of the body does seem to have a few places where a hole could be made to make a mounting point for a bracket.

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Re: Nuts and screws

Postby spierce » Wed Oct 05, 2016 3:21 pm

Hi Knud,

Thank you for the feedback on the mePed assembly! I have found that a pair of needle nose pliers help greatly when installing the plain nuts in those difficult areas. I hold the nut with the pliers while inserting the screw into the top of the leg plate. This keeps the nut in place so it doesn't fall into the middle of the leg assembly. It might be possible to make an internal baffle that would keep the nut from falling inside of the leg assembly or possibly a temporary tool that could be inserted into the leg assembly to somehow make the nut stay in place.

I'll also look into a better mounting configuration for the battery pack as well.

Thanks again for the feedback,
Scott Pierce

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